EN694认证消防软管 红色/黑色 EN694认证消防软管 红色/黑色

我司出口系列产品通过欧美多家认证实验室检测,并拥有认证证书,产品直供海外20多年,在材料,生产,组装,质检,入库和出库整个流程始终保持行业最高标准,有着优先的生产工艺,供应高标准,高品质,高口碑的产品。可为国内外资、合资项目和海外外援、外建项目提供高标准认证型消防安全产品,并可根据客户要求提供产品定制服务。 有任何需求,请随时与我们联系,邮箱:info@firetechsh.com,电话:021-6845 3005



FIRETECH semi-rigid reel hoses have passed the required EN694 industry certification, to ensure safe application and use. We export the Fire reel hose to a variety of countries in Europe where it is being used by manufacturers of firefighting equipment.


Our EN694 Fire reel hose is made of specially formulated PVC/NBR compound ensuring superb abrasions resistance, high burst pressure, wide operating temperature span and maximum anti-kinking & long lasting flexibility.


All our Fire reel Hoses are manufactured through extrusion, using in house formulated PVC compounds to guarantee quality and long term reliability.


Size: 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 33mm

Max. working pressure: 12bar

Max. burst pressure: 42bar


  • Unmatched resilience & long life span.

  • Easy to handle and reel.

  • Superb abrasion resistance.

  • Operating temperature: -20 to 60℃.

  • Suitable for harsh environments.

  • Resistant to UV-radiation.

  • Maximum kink resistance & long lasting flexibility.

  • Smooth outer layer.

  • Standard black/red color.

  • Private label options.


Working Pressure12/12/12/7bar12/12/12/7bar
Test Pressure18/18/18/10.5bar18/18/18/10.5bar
Bursting Pressure42/40/30/17.5bar42/40/30/17.5bar